Saturday, June 3, 2017

Empties - Sheet Masks

More empties from January-April - sheet masks! It looks like a lot, but I still have a ton more hanging around in my drawers...sometimes after work and the gym, I'm too tired to deal with a mask. Which doesn't make too much sense, I know, but if I sit down with the mask on, I'm not likely to get back up to finish the rest of my skincare! But here is a quick review of all of the masks I used in the beginning of the year.

Tosowoong Pure Green Tea - This is probably my favorite sheet mask. The fit is decent, the fabric is not as thin as I'd like, but it clings nicely, and there is more than enough essence. The essence has a fresh scent, and leaves my skin bright and noticeably calmer. I've repurchased these masks multiple times, and my fiancĂ© even knows they're my favorite - he's surprised me with a box recently! I recommend these to anyone looking for a solid all-around sheet mask.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask - I really didn't like this. It was gifted to me, and I know they're super high end and expensive...but I hated almost everything about it! It didn't fit well on my face, the fabric didn't cling, and the essence just didn't do it for me. Money saved, in the long run, because I didn't fall in love with it! ($17 for one mask on Sephora!!! No way.)

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl - Another good all around mask. I think they've reformulated the mask fabric since I got mine, but the fabric is decently clingy with an okay fit on the ones I have. MBD masks come with a TON of essence, and my one complaint is that makes them too drippy! Definitely a lay down on the couch and relax type of mask. The Black Pearl really brightens my skin after the essence has been absorbed.

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol - Also a drippy mask! I like the Apple Polyphenol masks when I have acne spots - I feel like the mask really helps with healing, noticing that spots seem to be smaller the next morning. There's a clean, very slightly apple scent to the essence that I like as well.

Cosrx Holy Moly Snail - I don't think I've even been let down by a Cosrx product. The essence on these is a little thicker, but it is super hydrating! I love snail products, especially the Cosrx Snail Essence, and this mask gives me all the some goodness. The fabric is good and it fits my face decently. I'll definitely be purchasing more of these

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Tea Tree - I've written about this one at length before, so I won't say much other than that I really love these, and will repurchase them again. Great for when I have a breakout, the tea tree really helps calm down any redness and inflammation.

My Scheming Mandelic Acid - I remember my first one of these - a friend didn't like them and gave me hers, and I LOVED them and bought a box on Amazon. Now, I can't seem to track them down! The fabric is amazingly thin and clingy, and there is plenty of essence. My skin is hydrated, bright, and just all around radiant after using these.

Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey - I bought this to reach a free shipping threshold, and I'm glad I did! The essence smelled like honey, and really made my skin look nice. The fabric was black and a little thicker than I like, but the mask had no issues staying on my face. I have a box of these in my cart on Amazon, they were pretty great!

Benton Snail Bee High Content - One of my very first sheet masks, and I've repurchased them countless times. Another mask I recommend to people who don't know where to start - it's got snail, it's got bee, and unless you're allergic to those, what's not to love? I reach for these when I don't know exactly what I want for my skin, because I can depend on it to leave my skin hydrated and calm. The fabric clings nicely, and it has weirdo eye flaps that I'm not exactly a fan of, but it helps shape the mask to your eye area a bit better.

Etude House 0.2 Snail - I really like these Etude House masks. The fabric they switched to is very clingy and conforms to the face much better than the old fabric. This one is has an creamier "emulsion type" essence, and I found it nicely hydrating. I love the Etude House masks because you can try a ton of the flavors very affordably.

Too Cool For School Egg Cream - I got these as a gift for Christmas, and I loved them! The essence was thicker and creamier, and I found it very hydrating - it left my skin super soft afterwards. The masks are clingy and come packed with a waffle plastic thing that you have to unfold. These masks are a bit pricer than I'd like, so they're more of a luxury treat for my face.

I'm going to try and sheet mask more often to get through my current stash and hopefully try some new masks! There are so many out there, and although I have my favorites, I want to try more. Let me now if you have any favorites you think I should try

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