Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Sephora Play! Box

I look forward to getting my Sephora Play box every month, and this month had an exciting box. There are a lot of spoilers for the box out on the internet, but I try not to spoil the surprise for myself. This month's box theme was "The Eye Openers" - and I love eye makeup! Here are my thoughts on this month's products.

Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing & Glowing Liquid Care Moisturizer - What a mouthful! This moisturizer is supposed to impart a healthy glow and help relieve dullness. It's a very liquidy formula, it's more like a serum than a moisturizer. I layered it in with all my morning skincare products, and I didn't really see a difference in the look of my skin. It's a pity, because I love finding new skincare items, and the bottle for the full size is really pretty - green is my favorite color. The scent is light and pleasant, but it is scented and that doesn't work for some. I may finish up the mini to see if it grows on me, but as of right now, I don't see myself buying it. The mini tube is 0.16 fl oz, with a full size being 1.69 fl oz for $55.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in 1-544 (Pink Granite) - I haven't used this one yet, but I have many MUFE Artist Shadows in my collection, and I LOVE them! All of the formulas are great (except maybe the satin) and the iridescent finish is no different. I'm really happy a mini eyeshadow was included, a lot of people may balk at the price of a full pan. I may pop this out of the plastic clamshell and put it into my custom MUFE palette! The baby sized pan is 0.02 oz, and a full size is 0.07 oz for $21. (You can get 3 pans for $44 on the Sephora site, which is a fantastic deal!)

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm - Eye cream...a topic I'm thoroughly meh on. I'm torn on if it's actually necessary or not. I've only ever bought an eye cream once, and I live off samples like these the rest of the time. I used this cream at night - it's rich but sinks in nicely, and doesn't leave a greasy feel behind. My eye area felt more hydrated than if I had just used my regular moisturizer in the area. I think this would be too rich to use during the day under makeup. The cream claims to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles, but I haven't had a long enough chance to see if these claims are true. Eye cream to me is just expensive spot moisturizer sometimes. The good thing about these creams is a little goes a long way - probably enough to last me until my next deluxe mini! The mini tub is 0.23 fl oz, and a full size is 0.5 fl oz for $68.

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton  - Ah yes, an eye focused box wouldn't be complete without a perfume sample! I personally didn't dig the scent, it just smelled like a generic perfume to me. The mini vial is 0.05 fl oz, with a full size bottle being 3.4 oz for $90. (There is a rollerball available, too!)

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hr Wear Waterproof in Love Affair - Another obnoxiously long name. I was happy to get this, plum eyeliner will be perfect for fall! I haven't tried the Sephora pencil liner formula prior to this (I usually use UD pencils) but I really liked it! It wasn't a very hard formula, I did not have to go over areas multiple times. There was good color payoff with one swipe, and it was soft enough to be able to smoke out. I did not see any fading during wear, but I wiped off the makeup around the 9 hour mark. Only drawback is it's a traditional pencil, so there will be product loss when sharpening. I'll definitely be using this, and may check out other shades! The little pencil is 0.017 oz, and a full pencil is 0.04 oz for $10.

Urban Decay Perversion mascara - I was super pumped to see this in the bag, I had been wanting to try it! I really like how sleek the packaging is. The brush is super big, it reminds me of a pine tree. I had to scrape a LOT of product off to keep from getting any clumps. I had the best result by scraping on the side of the tube, then gently rolling on a tissue to get off excess. I got some length, a little volume, but not too much lash separation. As it stands, I probably won't be purchasing a full size, but I'll keep playing around with the sample to see if I can get a great result! The deluxe size is 0.1 fl oz, and a full size is 0.4 fl oz at $22. The travel size is just a smidge bigger than the sample at 0.13 fl oz for $10.

I'm already looking forward to my next box!

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