Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Haus of Gloi Fig & Pear Perfume Oil - Review

It's been a while since I've had a new indie perfume! Fig & Pear was apart of Haus of Gloi's Valentine's Day collection this year. This was the only new scent I bought, the rest of my order was all First Blush scented!

Fig & Pear is described as fig with juicy ripe pear. Opening the bottle, the scent is fruity and slightly spicy. The fig note is definitely more prominent, there's a sweetness underneath, but no strong pear note. On the skin, the fig is very prominent, with a slightly peppery scent. As it dries, the fig is still the star of the show - on me, I never got much of a pear scent.

The scent itself hung around on my skin for 4-5 hours, and had a nice throw - nothing too overwhelming. Unfortunately, I had been hoping for more of a pear scent. Overall, I wasn't too much of a fan. I even let this sit for another few weeks to see if the scent would change after resting more, which was not the case.

  • Decent longevity
  • Non overwhelming throw
  • Not enough pear!

Haus of Gloi Fig and Pear perfume oil (limited edition) - $15 for 5mL
Review - 2.5/5

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