Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review - Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in "Sultry"

Since I learned how to properly apply them earlier this year, I've slowly become a false eyelash connoisseur of sorts. I wear falsies daily, since I lost the genetic lottery on eyelashes. (It apparently would have been too much to get good cheekbones AND long eyelashes, but alas.) Since I work in an office, I am constantly on the lookout for more natural looking sets of eyelashes, so that I can wear them and not blow my monitors over when I blink.

I picked up a pair of Kiss 'Looks So Natural' Lashes last week at the drugstore. On the packaging (which I regret not taking a picture of!) Kiss claims that these lashes look 'more natural' due to the tapered ends of each lash. Upon closer inspection, the lashes are indeed tapered - and after comarping them with several other sets of lashes (Ardell 120 Demis, and House of Lashes Au Natural) the Kiss ones definitely had the most natural lash taper.

Kiss 'Looks So Natural' Lashes in "Sultry"
From this angle, you can see the taper of the lashes.

The lashes were easy to apply - I actually did not have to trim them to fit my eyes, which is rare for me. They have a clear band which I find to always be the best kind of band - this way, when paired with a clear glue, you don't see the spine of the lashes as easily. The band is flexible and skinny, which makes fitting the falsies to your eye very easy. After application, the lashes are not heavy and are barely noticeable to the wearer.

  • Drugstore pricing
  • Widely Available
  • Clear Band
  • Tapered ends
  • Very delicate - remove from case carefully
Kiss 'Looks So Natural' Lashes in "Sultry" - $4.99
Review Score- 5/5

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