Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review - Ardell Natural Falsies in #110

Due to the very short nature of my lashes, I wear false lashes almost every single day. I tend to opt for a more 'natural' lash, such as these Ardell #110 lashes.

Ardell Naturals in #110

Close up of the falsies

I have small, semi-hooded eyes so shorter, less dramatic lashes work best for me. The #110s are perfect for the size of my eyes - they emphasize my lash line without overpowering my eye, or covering up my lid.

I find that Ardell lashes can be quite hit or miss - I've gotten double packs where one set of falsies differs from the second set - and they're both supposed to be the same type! When I trimmed my first one down today, I cut after the third bunch of lashes on the strip. These were fairly evenly spaced apart, making it easy to pick where to cut. When I went to trim the second, a couple of bunches were right on top of another, making where I cut a little bit different.

Due to the thin clear band, these falsies are a little more delicate than some other Ardell models (I'm thinking #120 Demis, here) and should be handled carefully. I was lucky not to warp the band when unsticking these from the plastic backing.

Although there are some drawbacks to these Ardell lashes, you cannot beat the price. I find that they get the job done and are still durable even though they are a tad bit delicate, and can be reused multiple times when cared for properly.


  • Clear band
  • Natural look
  • Easy to trim band down to size
  • Reusable when cared for


  • Ends are not tapered, meaning the longer lashes have a very blunt look
  • Delicate band
  • Pairs are not always uniform

Ardell Natural #110 false eyelashes - $2.99 for one pair
Review - 3.5/5

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