Saturday, September 27, 2014

Review - Ardell Curvy! lashes in #410

My false eyelash collection is steadily growing. Even if I have a bunch of pairs on deck, I can't help but peruse the selection at Ulta or Target or wherever if they have a display. You never know what you're going to find! On one of my recent trips to Ulta, I decided to try out these Ardell Curvy lashes in #410.

Ardell Curvy! lashes #410
Close up of #410 lashes
I decided to give these a try because although they are a little longer than I normally wear, they still looked quite natural in the package. This pair of lashes is SUPER long, and needed to be trimmed significantly to fit my eyes - but I have teeny eyes, so you may find differently. When I took these out of the tray, they immediately fell limp - the band is very very thin. A thin band is usually a good thing, it means you'll have an easier time getting the spine close to your natural lash line and it won't stand out. However, you want a band that can stand up to the weight of the lashes, and that will hold a curve to make applying a bit easier!

The individual fibers of the lashes themselves are super thin, and have a blunt edge. (More companies need to start tapering! It looks good!!) The fibers are so thin that a little bit of handling causes them to splay or lose their curl. I had a super difficult time trying to apply these, just because with glue added, the band was super floppy and difficult to maneuver. 

I've only worn them once, and I'm sure I'll give them another try in the future, but right now, I don't see myself repurchasing this particular pair of lashes.

  • Clear band
  • Nice curl 
  • Band is too thin to support itself
  • Lashes are non tapered, blunt ends
  • Individual fibers can lose curl or splay easily
Ardell Curvy! false lashes in #410 - $3.99 for 1 pair
Review - 2/5

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