Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haul - Korean Skincare from RoseRoseShop

A few of my friends online (namely Anna and Pigmented Lips) turned me on to the world of Asian skincare. although there is some emphasis on skincare in the Western world of cosmetics, skincare is an entirely different, huge, overwhelming animal in countries such as Korea and Japan. I had been sent a few sheet masks to try (if they do not fit your face it is ok, I don't think they really fit ANYONE'S face) and decided to place my own order. I went pretty tame this time, I didn't order anything with snail or placenta or royal jelly. Perhaps my next order...

Etude House I Need You Hyaluronic Acid!
Sheet Mask
Etude House I Need You, Green Tea!
Sheet Mask
Etude House I Need You, Honey!
Sheet Mask
TonyMoly Sleek Mist and
Skinfood Black Raspberry
Eye Cream packets
Skinfood Avocado Rich Toner and
Emulsion samples
Initial Thoughts:

Skinfood Avocado Rich Toner & Emulsion  - The toner was recommended to me by a friend, and the sample size came paired with the Emulsion of the same line. I really like these, they smell pleasant and really moisturize the skin. I have been using the toner after cleansing and removing makeup, and following up with the emulsion at night, in lieu of my usual Clinique gel moisturizer mixed with some facial oil.

TonyMoly Sleek Mist - I am not going to lie to you, I bought this because it is shaped like a bunny. That being said, I picked up the one formulated for oily skin. I have yet to use it to test my makeup longevity or anything like that, but a few spritzes didn't send my skin into a crazy rage, and it did not have any scent that was easily detected.

Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream - I picked up a ten pack of samples of these. The formula is super creamy and rich, but the scent...I can't really deal with it. It smells like rich earth, with a tiny maybe hint of raspberry that is so fleeting I think I imagined it. I am going to use my samples but probably not repurchase these, or the full size.

Etude House I Need You, Hyaluronic Acid! Sheet Mask - This is the sheet mask I fell in love with that a friend sent me. After using it, my skin feels super moisturized and firmer, with more 'plumpyness' as I  described it. I bought a three pack of these, and will probably re buy.

Etude House I Need You, Green Tea! Sheet Mask - This is another sheet mask, this time with green tea, and the packet says it is for "moisture and relief." I used this the other day, and it was definitely moisturizing, and calmed down some of the redness from some blemishes in my face. Overall, it was a very nice mask, it felt calming to my skin while it was on.

Etude House I Need You, Honey! Sheet Mask - I have yet to use this sheet mask, but the packet says it is for moisture. My thought process is that I like honey, so my face will hopefully like honey, too!

The only drawback from ordering skincare from Korea is the WAIT! I waited three weeks for this package, and I had to sign for it and everything, which was irritating. I also had to pay about $13 to ship...but the products themselves were quite inexpensive! I plan on picking up some more Asian skincare items due to the cost, it isn't breaking the bank to try some new (and unusual!) products!

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