Friday, September 26, 2014

Review - NYX Wicked Lashes in Bashful

NYX recently released a new line of false eyelashes - Wicked Lashes. Of course, they sold out immediately on their site, and Ulta doesn't have them online. I was able to track these down in store at Ulta, and this was the first pair I decided to pick up and try.

NYX Wicked Lashes in
Close  Up of Bashful falsies

As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, I have small eyes with short lashes, so I wear natural looking false lashes 95% of the time. (Other 5% is me saying "fuck it" and wearing ridiculously huge lashes out to a bar or something.) I'm always on the hunt for new pairs to try, and these looked perfect! I've worn them about 10 times so far (I've had these pictures to do this review for ages, I slack so hard, I'm sorry!) and I LOVE these! I only had to trim them down a tiny bit, and they apply easily - the band is sturdy enough to hold a curve and apply.

The lashes themselves are not tapered, as you can see from the close up. However, the staggering pattern and density of the individual lashes make them appear quite natural when applied. The band is clear, which is always a bonus for me, since I'm not always wearing black eyeliner. 

I have to say, I prefer the Wicked Lashes over NYX's other line that I have tried, Fabulous Lashes. I found that the Fabulous Lashes had a more difficult to work with band, and the pair that I tried had a black band. However, both are excellently priced, and everything always comes down to a matter of preference. 

(I just checked the NYX website, and they are in stock! Hooray!)

  • Clear band
  • Natural look
  • Lash tips not tapered, blunt ends
NYX Wicked Lashes in Bashful - $3.50 for 1 pair
Review - 4/5

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