Monday, November 17, 2014

Baroque Cosmetics Haul and Swatches

For the last year or so, I've started dipping my toes into the world of indie makeup. Makeup meaning cosmetics, bath and body, fragrance - you name it, I'll buy it. There's a super helpful subreddit that I like to frequent, /r/indiemakeupandmore, that is a great place to start if you're new to the world of indie makeup, mostly because of the helpful community that can point you in the right direction. (If you're reading this from here, hi guys!! :D )

The owner of Baroque Cosmetics announced her new collection based off of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim last week, and as soon as I had some available funds, I snapped some of the eyeshadows up (as well as a couple from her other collections!) She shipped them out that day, and they were in my eager little hands two days later. Talk about a killer turn around time!! I've documented the packaging and everything for you, along with some swatches!

Disclaimer - I did receive a blogger discount on these. However, I did pay for the product!

So nicely wrapped!
All unwrapped.

Top row - Dovah, Dragon Bones, Skies of Skyim
Bottom row - Tackiest Thing Here, Madame Deficit

Everything came packaged beautifully in a bubble mailer, and everything was intact. I loved the tissue paper that the shadows were wrapped up in! I was also given a free sample in addition to the five shadows I ordered. Here's what the haul included:

  • Dovah
  • Skies of Skyrim
  • Dragon Bones
  • Madame Deficit
  • Tackiest Thing Here
  • Good Doggy (sample)
I swatched all of the products I received, including the sample I was sent! I included a swatch over bare skin, and then a swatch over a white base ( I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.)

Wrist swatch of Madame Deficit
Madame Deficit (Viva la Revolution collection) is described as "a lovely soft pink with a gold sheen." On me, it swatched to be more of a pearl shade. Over a white base, it somewhat disappeared - a white base may not be the best choice for this shade. It is still a beautiful, delicate shadow, very fine, with a little bit of a fine sparkle fallout, but not much.

Wrist swatch of Tackiest Thing Here
Tackiest Thing Here (A Heart's A Heavy Burden collection) is described as "a medium lilac with a red sheen." I'm glad this one swatched truer to the description for me! Over no base, this shadow didn't perform as nicely, but over the white base, the sheen is lost. I think over a glitter glue, or even a regular eyeshadow primer, this eyeshadow will look very nice. 

Wrist swatch of Good Doggy
Good Doggy (A Heart's A Heavy Burden collection) was the sample provided to me in my order. I am so happy I got this, look how gorgeous it is! The shade is described as "a soft peachy orange with a copper sheen." Over a white base, the copper really shines. Without any base whatsoever, this shadow is a wonderful soft orange copper with great pigmentation.

Wrist swatch of Dragon Bones
Dragon Bones (Sovngarde collection) sucked me in because it was touted as a "satin cream with soft sparkles," and I love me some nude colors. With no base, the shadow is a barely there hint of cream (I promise it's there!) Over a white base, the cream deepens into a slight beige with the tiniest hint of a satin finish thanks to the "soft sparkles."

Wrist swatch of Skies of Skyrim
Skies of Skyrim (Sovngarde collection) is "a pale dove grey." Swatched over nothing, the description is spot on. However, over a white base, the shadow becomes a deepened stormy grey. Both have a slight satin finish that gives the grey a nice depth.

Wrist swatch of Dovah
Dovah (Sovngarde collection) is "a pale desaturated green grey." You can see the green shift in both the swatches. Over a white base, the green stands out more, while the grey is greatly deepened. This shade seemed to have a bit more fallout, but that also may be because it was much darker than any of the other shades I had purchased and was working with. 

Overall, I'm very happy with my order from Baroque! A very fast turn around time, products that met descriptions and that are of good quality, and a nice owner who offered a discount and included a sample - what's not to like! I look forward to playing with my new products!

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