Monday, November 24, 2014

Performance Colors Haul and Swatches

I'm happy that I get to be writing about another great indie company today - Performance Colors! I received my first order from them over this past weekend, and I got a chance to photograph, swatch, and test out a couple of the items. Performance Colors has been around for a few years (the Etsy shop was opened in 2011) so I'm a little late to the game here, but I'm really excited to finally be giving these products a try!

I ordered a little bit of everything - a trio of pressed eyeshadows, cream shadow sticks, and lipsticks. Turn around time was great, I received my order in less than a week. Everything was packed nicely in plastic bags with labels for each product, in a bubble envelope for protection. Just a head's up - I did have a coupon code for this order, but I did purchase everything with my own cashmoney.

Everything I ordered!

Here's a list of what I ordered:

  • Pressed Eyeshadow Trio consisting of Peach, Antique Rose, and Flying Monkey
  • Moonriver Cream Shadow Stick
  • Babycakes Cream Shadow Stick
  • Lip Repair
  • Bad Lands Matte Lipstick
  • Ginger Heart Lipstick
  • Black Rose Lipstick
Let's get on with the good part - product pictures and swatches!

Pressed Eyeshadow Trio
Top - Peach;
Middle - Antique Rose;
Bottom - Flying Monkey
The swatches above were done with no primer over bare skin. The shadows were nicely pressed, not powdery, and with no fallout! I can't wait to give these a shot, and to see how they perform over an eyeshadow primer.

Top - Ginger Heart;
Middle - Black Rose;
Bottom - Bad Lands
Okay, I know, the last thing I need are more purple and pink lipsticks. but you will pry them from my cold, dead hands. These are all one swipe each - check out that awesome pigmentation! I know that Black Rose and Bad Lands look pretty similar in those swatches, so I tried to take a close up so you can see the sparkle in Black Rose.

Left - Bad Lands;
Right - Black Rose
You can make out the red sparkles in Black Rose here. I bet they wear differently, but swatch somewhat similar. We will see!

Lip Repair
I had heard a lot of good things about the Lip Repair via word of mouth and indiemakeupandmore on Reddit, so I decided to give it a shot, even though I have approximately a thousand other lip balms. It's really soft and moisturizing! There is a very strong scent, something akin to fruity birthday cake. I'm not bothered by it, but if you're not too keen on scents, you may need to find something else, or see if this can be made unscented, because the formula really is very nice. 

Cream Shadow Stick
Top - Babycakes;
Bottom - Moon River
Since I've been on a big cream shadow kick, I couldn't say no to these. I had to get Babycakes because duh All Rose Gold Everything, and I thought Moon River would be more silvery, but I still love purple so no loss there. These applied pretty smoothly, a few skips, but I think I would still apply these with a synthetic brush over straight from the tube. I also think that the formula would be much easier to apply when warmed a little, so rolling or holding the tube in your hands (or your bra!) beforehand would help. 

Now that I've gone through all of my actual purchased product, I can move onto the samples. When I dumped out my package, I was like 'what the f is all this?' because a TON of stuff was in there! Tiffany, the lovely shop owner, states that there will be samples, and every order over $20 will get a free lipstick or eye pencil with their order, but check out the mother lode she sent me:

Mother of god.
I was not expecting such generosity as a first time customer with a fairly modest order. Thank you so much, Tiffany! Here is a quick rundown of what I received:
  • Sable eye pencil
  • Hush Matte Lipstick mini
  • Temptress Lipstick mini
  • Cheekie Monkey Lipstick mini
  • Winter Palace Cream Shadow mini
  • Stardust Cream Shadow mini
  • Shadow Magnet Eye Primer mini
And because I was so pumped, I swatched that shit out!!

Left - Winter Palace;
Right - Stardust;
Bottom - Sable
I used a synthetic brush for the cream shadows, and they worked very nicely with it. The liner is ONE SWIPE!!! here and it reminds me of Urban Decay pencil liners, which I am a big fan of.

Top - Hush;
Middle - Temptress;
Bottom - Cheekie Monkey
Here are the lip samples, all one swipe with a lip brush. What gorgeous pigmentation! These went on smoothly. Hush is like my new color addiction, mauvey pinky nudes are my new thing and it's like she read my mind! I've been wearing it and it is not drying at all. Definitely a winning formula in my book. Cheekie Monkey is going to be great in spring, especially paired with a lilac blush and lots of sparkly glitter on the eye. 

I am SUPER pleased with my first order, and I can't wait to place another!! Thank you so much to Tiffany for being so generous with samples, and for the amazing turnaround time, and for putting out a fantastic product!

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