Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello Waffle Rose Champagne vs. Shiro I Tried

I love rose gold. You know that song "All Gold Everything?" My theme song would be "All Rose Gold Everything." If it comes in a rose gold tone, I need it. My indie shadow drawer has a whole row of just rose gold shades. So today, I've decided to swatch two side by side that look a little similar in the container, to see how they swatch out.

To keep everything simple, Hello Waffle Rose Champagne will always be on the left, and Shiro's I Tried will always be on the right. 

Hello Waffle Rose Champagne and Shiro
I Tried
Product lids - Rose Champagne and I Tried
As you can see from the containers and the product in the lids, both shadows have a rosy tone to them. Rose Champagne is described as "a sparkly champagne color with a tinge of pink." I Tried is listed to be "that gorgeous rose gold that everyone's been wanting!" Let's swatch the two out before we continue to break down the shades any further. 

Swatches - no base
Okay, so maybe these two don't perform their best with no base. I swear that they are both there, left and right, just as I promised. From what's visible, Rose Champagne definitely has a more champagne colored base to it, while I Tried has a golden bronze feel to it.

Top row - over NYX milk;
bottom row - over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
There are the rose golds we were promised! Over the white base, Rose Champagne definitely delivers  on the description of the champagne based color, while I Tried has more of a rosy hue. Over Pixie Epoxy, both shades foil, with Rose Champagne taking on a metallic finish making it look reminiscent of rose gold jewelry. Overall, Rose Champagne has more shimmer to it, making it a good lid or highlight color, while I Tried would look great as a crease color with its more subtle luster.

Both of these colors were Colors of the Month for their respective brands, both at $6 for 2 grams of product. 

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