Friday, November 7, 2014

Sugarpill Lumi vs. Shiro Moon Prism Power

I love super sparkly eyeshadows. I also love super sparkly indie eyeshadows! I've decided to compare Sugarpill's Lumi eyeshadow with Shiro Cosmetics' Moon Prism Power eyeshadow, because the two are (somewhat!) similar. Both can be used alone, but they both look amazing over darker bases, or to add more shimmer to other colors.

Sugarpill Lumi on the right, Shiro Moon Prism
Power on the left.
From the initial picture, you can see that Lumi leans a bit cooler and is more of a basic white, while Moon Prism Power (MPP from here on out!) is warmer and pinker. For reference, the Sugarpill container has 6 grams of product (Sugarpill explcitly states that this product is known to settle a lot!) and MPP is 2 grams.

Product lids!

Both shadows over NYX Black Bean - Lumi on
left, MPP on right.

After swatching the products over a dark base, the differences are now very visible. Lumi is visibly cooler with a bluish shift, while MPP is warmer with a yellow/green shift. I included a picture of what the products look like in the lids, because this is how I personally apply loose shadows - but swirling/tapping my brush into the product lid!

Both of the shadows apply smoothly and blend beautifully, even over a base. These really do perform their best over a dark base, as seen in the photo above. Rest assured, if you have both, you don't need to worry about dupes - these are quite different from one another.

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