Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 2014 Favorites

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are in the US - and if not, I apologize for the long absence! I'm back with my favorite items for November. A lot of these are my go-to items, which I can't believe I haven't added to a favorites list yet!

1. House of Lashes eyelash adhesive - I've been wearing falsies on a daily basis for the better part of a year now, but I had yet to make the plunge into using this glue. I got it a couple of weeks ago, and now I don't know how I'm going to do without it! It dries to be 100% clear, which is perfect! The other glue I was using was clear-ish, which was okay, but not perfect. This also has a brush applicator, which really helps with messiness and cutting down on getting glue everywhere. It also gets to the right tackiness pretty quickly. I'm really happy with this! It's also iridescent somehow, and looks pretty cool!

2. Maybelline Dream Wonder liquid foundation -  I wear this in a lot of my posted 'FOTD' posts. This came out back in June, I believe, and was supposed to be a drugstore 'dupe' of Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Now, never having tried the Armani foundation, I still really like the Maybelline! I experience minimal oiliness, and the foundation stays put when set with powder. I apply using a beauty blender, and the application isn't patchy or anything. I was able to find a good color match within the line, but I hope they come out with a wider range of shades, as it's a bit limited right now.

3. MAC Prep and Prime lip  - I love this lip primer, I put it on under every lip product, even gloss. It's moisturizing, easy to apply, and gets the job done. It has no scent, which is an added bonus, as companies LOVE to add scent to lip products for whatever reason. It's also clear, so it won't distort the color of any of your lip products, though some people may want a product like MAC Lip Erase. I may look into other lip primers in the future just to broaden my horizons, but I always recommend this one to those in need of a good primer.

4. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - I use the shade Dark Brown, which I chose to picture here. I love this stuff! Anastasia debuted this product the beginning of this year, and it's become a staple in my routine. I use it either alone or paired with brow wiz, and it's super versatile! I can create a power brow, or a natural looking brow, just with this product. And the best part is that it doesn't budge! There is a bit of a learning curve with it, since you need to learn how much product you need to use to get the desired look. I use this with the Anastasia #12 brush, but any stiff angled brush would work, preferably a synthetic bristle brush. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to diversify their brow game!

5. NYX Baked Blush in Sugar Mama - NYX also came out with their Baked Blushes earlier this year, and it's a really great product. I have a couple of these, but I always reach for Sugar Mama if I need something soft that goes with mostly everything. Sugar Mama is a soft peachy color with a bit of sheen, and it adds a bit of glow to the cheek as well as color. The blush is nicely pigmented, but also buildable without getting clownish. I find that though it does have some shimmer, it isn't overly noticeable, so you can still add a highlight without turning into a disco ball. Definitely look into this line, if not this shade specifically!

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