Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DIY Mini Rollerballs

So I've been on an indie perfume kick lately if you have not noticed, and samples are the way to go if you're new to the perfume scene. However, using the samples can be quite annoying, as some don't have little spreaders on the lids or are just a pain to open. So I decided to buy some little rollerballs to put my favorite samples into, to encourage myself to use them more often! Here's what you're going to need should you decide to do this project too:
  • Alcohol to disinfect everything (70% will do!)
  • Baby rollerballs (I got mine here, they are 1 mL)
  • Perfume sample (I used one I wouldn't mind screwing up)
  • Bitty funnel (check out that listing, it comes with!)
  • Dropper (dat listing tho)
  • Surface to work on (paper plate FTW)
I picked Sixteen92's Lolita to work with, as I have two samples of the perfume oil, and I already ordered an EdP of the scent, so I wouldn't mind if I spilled this everywhere or royally screwed this entire project up. But anyway - onwards!

Before we start, douse your rollerball, funnel, and dropper in alcohol and let them dry. I didn't let them dry because I'm an eager beaver, but let them dry. Also, wash your hands thoroughly. Open your perfume vial and use the dropper to extract some of the perfume oil, as shown here.

Now that we have the perfume oil in the dropper, pop the funnel into the rollerball jar. Use the funnel to ensure that all the perfume oil in your dropper makes it into the jar. These jars are tiny, so it's pretty foolproof, but the insurance is good to have. Also, you feel like a scientist.

Now that you've filled your jar, pop on the rollerball top. It fits snugly, and then just press down with a small amount of pressure to ensure it's pushed into place.

There you have it! Baby rollerball with your favorite perfume oil ready to go. This was super easy, and much better to use than a sample vial. Also, it's adorable. I will probably label the screw top with washi tape so I know which scent is inside.

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  1. This is the cutest thing ever! And such a great idea. Rollerballs are so much easier to use than vials.