Monday, June 1, 2015

Mini Ulta Haul!

I was at Ulta this weekend to get my bangs trimmed, so I decided to pick up a few things! I also had a 20% off coupon and an offer for triple points, so I wanted to make sure I cashed in on that as well! I'm working on a low buy right now, and the majority of these items are repurchases/replacements. 

  • Nivea In Shower Body Lotion  - I love this stuff! It makes getting soft, moisturized skin even easier My boyfriend uses it as well, and this is the third bottle I'm picking up. I'm trying to go through all of the other body butters and lotions I have from indie companies, but so far nothing tops this in terms of ease of use. I can even get the middle of my back with this, meaning no dry, itchy spots I can't reach later in the day!
  • Simple Cleansing Wipes - I keep these in my gym bag to take off my makeup before a workout. This takes off everything but the most stubborn waterproof mascara, which is OK by me. The scent is nice, and I haven't had any negative reaction after using these for a few weeks. This is my second pack of these. There are a few variations of them, such as exfoliating and what have you, but I just pick up the run of the mill cleansing ones.
  • Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mask - This is a new product for me. I saw this brand on the website, and I decided I wanted to give this mask a try! This mask is supposed to deep clean your pores and detox the skin. I'm a sucker for face masks, so I picked it up. There's another product I wanted to try from this brand called Three Times Sublime, but my Ulta was sold out. The scent on this is nice, like oranges!
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - Another repurchase! I wanted to have a drugstore mattifying foundation on hand, and I really loved this stuff when I used it initially. I find it's much easier to work with than Becca Ever Matte in terms of spreading it onto the skin, and still gives a great matte finish.
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown - I reviewed this a while back, so this is another repurchased. I LOVE this product, and recommend it to anyone who uses the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It's cheaper per ounce, and does the exact same thing. I'm sure some people will be nitpicky about the formula, but I personally do not see enough of a difference to pay an additional $11 for a basically identical product. Plus, Ulta has these buy one get one 50% off all the time, plus coupons...I just really like this product, okay??

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