Friday, June 12, 2015

Formula X Clix Freebie

So I arrived at home today to receive an unexpected package. I eagerly opened it once I flipped over the box and saw the big identifying label, especially as I hadn't ordered anything lately...

Free stuff? From MY Sephora?
Nicely wrapped and all!
The Formula X Clix! The System To Go is currently listed at $16 on Sephora's website. I'm actually super pleased with this surprise freebie, as I've been wanting to try the Formula X base coat for a while, since I've heard really great things. (But I have a few bottles of Orly Bonder I need to use up first, and I have OPI Nail Envy in use as well!) 

I popped on over to BeautyTalk and it appears that many VIB Rouge and even regular VIB members are getting this set, and in different colors, too! I got the red, and I wish I had gotten the nude shade, but I'm not going to complain. Well played, Sephora, especially as I have a VIB Rouge closed door event tomorrow, and we all know how I love to critique those! (But no really, this was actually unexpected and makes me feel appreciated as a customer for once!)

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