Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ten Three Labs perfume oils - Review

Okay so a while back (it may have been last year...) I made an order from Ten Three Labs. And like the lazy person I am, I never got around to reviewing what I got. So, here we are. But instead of saying I'm lazy, we will say that these perfumes have had time to age, since that sounds like I know what I'm doing.

I picked up three perfume samples in Artificial Angels, Dark-Eyed Daughter, and Exorcists of Malignant Devils. I really love these bitty jars, since they have little drop stoppers on the openings which mean it's easy to apply the oil, and it's less of a mess should you drop the open container.

Artificial Angels (apple, black cherry, sugar cane, olive) upon opening the jar smells like cherry NyQuil. I, for one, am a fan of NyQuil, but not as a perfume. (Or for recreational uses, it's just gotten me through a few bad nights, ok?) Wet on the skin, the medicinal scent fades off, leaving you with a strong cherry scent. The sugar cane and apple comes through, reigning the cherry back from that artificial medicine like cherry to a more palatable fruit cherry. As the oil dries, the olive helps to balance the sweetness of the fruit notes and the sugar cane. After a while though, the fruit faded leaving behind only the scent of olive. 

Dark-Eyed Daughter (brown sugar, almond, gardenia, lotus, cranberry and plum) from the bottle, the scent is all brown sugar and almonds. Wet on the skin, almond and brown sugar notes persist, joined by a slight hint of plum. After the dry down, I got a hint of a berry scent, not quite a tart cranberry but something of a berry persuasion. No floral notes came out at me for about ten minutes. After the wait, I picked up on the gardenia note.

Exorcists of Malignant Devils (dragon’s blood, star anise, fig, oleander, apple, black raspberry, and poison berries. Er. Boysenberry) on opening the bottle, the scent is sweet. I can't pinpoint it, but I've heard dragon's blood is a super sweet note, so maybe it's that plus some fruit notes. Wet on the skin, there's a hint of spice - star anise, hello! As it dries, the initial sweetness takes a backseat and the apple comes out, grounded by the spice of the star anise. 

When I ordered, Ten Three Labs had a much smaller scent catalog than there is today. Cara, the shop owner, has since expanded the catalog and there are a couple of other scents I could see myself trying, so I definitely see myself trying another scent or two! 


  1. The names are quite interesting, aren't they? How long do these last for?

    1. The longevity wasn't the greatest on these. But I don't know if the formula has been chanced at all. I got about 2-3 hours.