Thursday, June 11, 2015

Smelly Yeti Unicorn Collector and Dame It Perfume Oils - Review

I received my first Smelly Yeti perfume samples in a swap a couple of months ago. I am going to be 100% honest here - I never purchased from this shop because I hated the name. I thought it was dumb. I have absolutely no leg to stand on, considering I buy products from Too Faced, one of the most gimmicky mainstream brands out there. (At least it isn't Benefit though, amirite?) But I received these in a swap, so I didn't have to forgo my moral high ground. I was gifted two samples - Unicorn Collector, for Harmony of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and Dame It.

Unicorn Collector is listed as "bubbly and bright tangerine strawberries nestled in creamy Tahitian vanilla and tonka bean." In the vial, the scent is a very sharp strawberry mixed with citrus. Wet on the skin, the strawberry mellows out and becomes a more nebulous "fruit" scent, sort of like fruit snacks. After the oil dried down, the scent was a more mellow fruit, definitely strawberryish. I didn't get any vanilla from this, and I'll be honest - I have no idea what a tonka bean smells like. This lasted about four hours before I really needed to sniff my wrist to detect it. Smelly Yeti is kind enough to note on their site that this scent is vegan, which is helpful if that's your kind of thing.
Review - 3.5/5

Dame It is "Bulgarian rose, violet, lily of the valley, and a bouquet of delicate florals, peppered with hints of lime, Bartlett pear, and bergamot." Opening the vial, the scent is like rose incense from the mall. You know that scent. Wet on the skin, the scent is still that floral incense scent, but it blossoms (sorry) to be a bit sweeter, bringing in the lime and the pear. The rose scent sticks around as the scent dries, overpowering the fruit and turning into an old lady rose on my skin, which I'm not a fan of. After the oil had dried and some time had passed, I couldn't shake the rose scent and get that glimpse of fruit back. The throw on this was pretty strong, as is everything you end up disliking, amirite? I'm just not an overly floral person, I suppose.
Review - 1/5

My first encounter with Smelly Yeti is a mixed bag. Unicorn Collector was on the sugary side of fruity, but fruity nonetheless. Dame It just is not for me, with that rose note overpowering everything else. I don't want to write off the shop as a whole though (name notwithstanding...) I think I can put my pettiness about the name aside and pick up some more samples after perusing the shop and having some scents pique my interest. After all, in the past...I've actually bought Benefit. (Ugh.)

Perfume oils work differently for different people due to skin chemistry. This is my experience with this perfume oil, which may differ for you!


  1. Buy the Smelly Yeti, you won't regret it.

    I hate myself a little bit because my new favourite mascara is from Benefit.

  2. You just reminded me to re-evaluate the only two Benefit products I have! (shakes fist at Benefit)