Saturday, June 13, 2015

VIB Rouge Too Faced Lipstick Mafia Event

So about two weeks ago, I got an email from Sephora about a VIB Rouge event in New York City. Usually I don't pay any attention to these, because they're during the week right after work, and I'm not about to drive into the city after work. However, this one was on a Saturday, and had the words "gift card," in the description. I was instantly 1000 times more intrigued.

This event was a few hours after an open meet and greet with the Too Faced Lipstick Mafia at the Times Square Sephora location. The Rouge event was closed door with free gifts and refreshments, and you needed to RSVP. I immediately called and reserved a spot. 

I arrived at around 8:30 the evening of the event with my boyfriend as my unlisted guest. After checking our IDs so we would be able to drink, and ensuring I was on the list, we were both given $25 gift cards in the traditional Sephora mirror packaging. I'm going to be honest - I was expecting $5-$10 at the most, after experiencing past Rouge shopping events. My boyfriend settled himself at the door (windowsill was big enough to sit on) and chatted with security while I made my way around the room. (The guy working the door was really great, and the catering staff kept coming around with water and treats for him. Really, really great service.)

There were a TON of stations to get eye and lip looks done, or to have Selfie Powders applied. I had my lipstick applied, and had Selfie Powders applied. Once you had lipstick applied, they sent you to a table to make a lipstick print and they framed it for you. Something silly and cute from the party to take home with you. The also had a photo booth that I did not take part in, but they had all sorts of Too Faced themed items to hold up in the photo booth.

Lipstick application station. I chose Melted Melon, I really liked it.
My little keepsake!
Photo booth accessories.

I only met and took a photo with Gigi Gorgeous, who was super nice and sweet. I won't be posting the photo here, since I look like I had spent the entire day gallivanting around the city.

You could get these signed.
So now onto the big news - the gift bag. The gift card was given at the door so you could spend it that night. While I had some Selfie Powder applied, the MUA let me know that any and all purchases would qualify for a Limited Edition Melted Lipstick. So...I bought two small things and snagged my Melted Rainbow gift with purchase. As I left, I was given a gift bag, but my boyfriend was not. We thought it was strange til I opened the bag - inside was the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette, along with a deluxe sample of Tinted Beauty Balm in Creme Glow. (Which will be way too dark for me, but I'm not concerned.) So clearly he isn't going to be using an eyeshadow palette, which is why I only I got the gift bag. But this is by far the best gift bag I've received at any Rouge event I've attended, with the palette being valued at $36, and the Melted Rainbow lipstick valued at $21.

Melted Rainbow, Sugar Pop, and Tinted BB!
Sephora certainly knows how to put on an event, I really just wish that they did it more often and closer to home! I wish other Rouge members got to experience this sort of thing, I really do feel like a special customer today. 

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