Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Favorites!

Happy June! Time to list out my favorites from the month of May. I've decided to start doing my own shots for the favorites post, so I can include indies and what have you. I used to just cobble together a picture in paint, but no more! Now we're fancy.

  1. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser - I raved about this a few weeks ago where I showed how great it was at degunking my nasty concealer brush. I reach for this almost daily, it's a total godsend in between brush cleanings. I've recommended it a lot to people as well, the little spritzer bottle is so handy. It definitely is now a staple on my vanity, and I'll be repurchasing it once I'm out!
  2. Bdellium Tools 777 Bambu Brush - I picked this up at the Bdellium booth at IMATS earlier this year. I wanted a synthetic brush to use with my Colourpop shadows, since I wasn't enjoying needing to use my fingers, and my natural hair brushes weren't cutting it. This brush is great! It picks up cream products really well, and deposits them and is even able to blend a little bit. This is one of my first of three Bdellium brushes, and I really want to pick up another few.
  3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin - Okay, I know this is a super popular eyeshadow, but I've been reaching for it a lot lately. I destashed my Naked palette, and I repurchased this eyeshadow single since it was the only one I really missed. It's a great all over one eyeshadow look shade, a perfect champagne beige. I didn't do a full review because there's honestly a review everywhere for this. Urban Decay has a great shimmer formula.
  4. Arcana Jabberwocking perfume oil - Ever since I got a full bottle, this has been my go to in between reviewing new scents. I was iffy on it when I first reviewed it but it has definitely grown on me! The freshness of the musk mixed with the chai and ginger is just really speaking to me right now as spring is racing into summer. It sucks this is LE, but I'd rather use this up than Fluffing the Bunny aka The Precious.
  5. Hello Waffle blush in Blush Honey - This is a blush that I've had for a while, sent to me by the lovely Jamie of After the 9 to 5. Christine from Hello Waffle managed to make a beautiful neutral matte blush reminiscent of NARS Douceur. I reach for this whenever I can't be bothered to think of a blush to go with a look, and it ties my look together perfectly every time.

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