Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review - NYX Wicked Lashes in Jezebel

Last time I was in Ulta, I decided to raid (okay, buy two pairs...) the NYX Wicked Lashes display because they are not sold on the Ulta website, and NYX has molasses shipping. I've already reviewed the other pair I got, and I finally got around to wearing the second style I picked up.

NYX Wiched Lashes in Jezebel
Close up of Jezebel lashes

To start, I really must say I prefer the Wicked Lashes line to the Fabulous Lashes line NYX also has. Clear bands are always ideal when it comes to false lashes, so you can wear colored liner and not worry about the band being super evident. For these lashes, the band is not thick enough to support the weight of the lashes, so when you remove the lash, it's a bit floppy. I had to trim mine down, but I have teeny eyes. I only had to remove two bunches of lashes, though.

I found that these lashes are better for a more dramatic, but not totally IN YOUR FACE look. I paired them with Sugarpill Lucid eyeshadow and a nice black wing and they accented nicely. The tips of these lashes are not tapered, and due to the design not having as many staggered lashes in between, the bluntness of the edges is very evident. Personally, I'd have preferred a more varied length of lash in between for a more natural feel (think Ardell 120 demis.) I also feel that the inner corner lashes are a bit long, and a better overall length taper from outer to inner corner would look better.

  • Clear band
  • Easy to apply
  • Band a little too thin
  • Blunt ends on lashes
  • Most lashes are one length
NYX Wicked Lashes in Jezebel - $3.50 for one pair
Review - 3/5

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